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The ‘Edenbridge Amateur Dramatic Society’ was founded in 1926 but disbanded during the Second World War. We then re-formed in 1949 as ‘The Edenbridge Players’ and our first production was ‘Mr Pym Passes By’ and had an audience of over 300!

We are delighted to have made it through our 50th Anniversary since, during this time we have had our ups and downs, which included a sharp decline in members in the 1980’s almost spelling the end. As work and family commitments change and people move out of the area we have been fighting to survive. Even today, each event and production is a real achievement for the group and we plan to continue to play an important role in the town for at least the next 50 years as well.


Our mix of personalities and wide age group means that we are a fun society to be involved with, not afraid to rise to new challenges and not staying in the past for ‘past’s sake’. Times change and we look forward to each event with renewed vigour. The involvement of any member in whatever capacity quickly becomes part of out history of which we are proud.


Please take a few moments to look atr the gallery page, there are bound to be a few faces you will recognise, although the clothes and hairstyles may have changed over the years!


We certainly appreciate the support given by our audiences at each production and never take this for granted. We hope that our hard work, dedication and most of all enthusiasm shines through, elements that make up what is, in essence, The Edenbridge Players.

Snake in the Grass

Spring 2009

The Vicar of Dibley

Spring 2015

The Railway Children

Autumn 2008


Autumn 2015

A Foot in the Door

Autumn 2014

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